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The right janitorial brushes & filters can mean the difference between mediocre cleaning results and achieving a truly amazing, spotless finish to floors. Available in a diverse range of sizes and types, we have brushes which are compatible with all the sweeping machines we sell, as well as hand held kits which are superb for providing inaccessible spots and awkward niches with a really deep down clean.

OMM LogoIf you're currently considering investing in a sweeping machine (or have one already but aren't satisfied with its cleaning performance) then we will be delighted to advise you on the type of brushes which may meet your needs. Free demonstrations of our ranges are readily available and we are always pleased to put our product expertise and experience at your disposal in order to help you get the premium cleaning results you want.

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  • "Using the correct brushes enables floors to be scrubbed, cleaned & polished using the same machine"
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Compatible with all sweeping machines we sell

Like many other industries, we are aware of the green agenda and strive to provide the very best ecologically friendly cleaning products which provide effective action with minimal environmental impact. Our selection of janitorial brushes & filters has the power to make a significant positive difference to indoor air quality, removing dust and other allergens which inferior products might leave behind.

Using the correct brushes enables floors to be scrubbed, rubbed and polished using the same machine. We have brushes which are suitable for everything from scrapping off tough, industrial detritus to gently buffing parquet floors or thoroughly yet gently cleaning carpets. We will be happy to recommend appropriate products for complex floor cleaning challenges or specialist surfaces.

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