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In industrial and production environments, the build-up of waste requires constant time-consuming mopping. In many businesses, a basic standard of cleanliness is necessary in order to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation. Manual mopping results in employee downtime and it is not always effective, often leaving floors slippery and dangerous.

For businesses, a scrubber dryer is a wise investment. They feature a fresh water tank, deep cleaning discs and a drier with a vacuum that takes dirty water to a separate tank.

As a result, scrubber driers can clean a surface area many times faster than wet mopping and require only one pass to both clean and dry the area.

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A scrubber dryer can come in a variety of designs depending on the size of the area to be cleaned: simple push scrubber driers are compact and easy to store for small areas, walk-behind scrubbers feature traction to take the strain out of cleaning, and step-on scrubbers are suitable for larger areas. For very large premises, a ride-on machine can clean areas of up to 8000 square metres per hour, leaving the floor clean, dry and safe.

OMM ScrubberWhilst these machines are designed to be narrow to facilitate access into difficult areas, they are also designed to effectively deep-clean hard surfaces, with attachments to aid access into corners. All scrubber driers have a variety of additional attachments and brushes that can be used for different applications such as floor polishing, as well as kerb and step cleaning.

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